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Edmund Burke
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January, 2014

Evan Sayet

The Universal Field Theory of Liberalism; and Why the Mainstream Media Gets Every Major Story Not Just Wrong, But as Wrong as Wrong Can Be

Report by Betty Sakai

Evan Sayet

Evan Sayet, born in New York City and raised as a Liberal Jew, shared with January’s Forum audience his transformation into Conservatism, his journey of understanding the truth about Modern Liberalism.  Confronted by years of media stories that were diametrically opposed to the truth, Sayet decided to research the history of Liberalism.  Although most Conservatives understand the importance of the media producing truthfully objective intelligence, he found many were unaware the media had for many years been distorting the truth.  Sayet asked the question, “Why?” He researched the education of those working in the Rhetoric Industries and wrote the book,“The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks”, spending hours at a coffee shop in Southern California.  Laughing, he humorously thanked the owners of the coffee shop for not labeling him a transient. Continuing to inject humor into his presentation, Sayet exposed the thought processes of journalists.  He accused the media -- with the exception of Fox News–of failing to produce objective, truthful news.  He revealed that the intelligence Americans have received since the 1970s has been diametrically opposite of the truth.

A few examples:  Sayet said that for years the mainstream media described the Soviet Union as an evil empire, telling listeners and subscribers that the U.S.S.R. was a totally equal super power, when in fact Communist Russia was crumbling.  In another example, in 1980 journalists mischaracterized the non-western culture of Japan as an economic juggernaut when in fact Japan was about to collapse into a decade long recession. Concerning Iraq, those who trusted the New York Times and CNN as their source of intelligence were shocked to learn that the U.S. military in Iraq was not “pinned down”, was not in a “quagmire”. America’s military victory was in fact decisive and swift.  Thereafter, millions of Iraqi men and women enjoyed the right to vote for the first time. Most egregiously,Sayet lamented, is the damage the mainstream media has done by continuing in its efforts to make Islam a religion of peace equal to Christianity -- the true religion of peace -- and equal in truth and justice to Judaism.  Islam is a murderous socio-economic ideology that has been responsible for countless incidents of violence perpetrated against the people of other religions and cultures in nations throughout the world.

Sayet’s research zeroed in on education.  He discovered that Modern Liberals since kindergarten have been taught to believe through texts written by Howard Zinn they must deny that objectivity can exist.  Students are taught indiscriminateness – the total rejection of the intellectual process – as an absolute moral imperative.  For years, students have been taught to believe that “indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policies, but leads to siding with only and always the lesser over the better, the wrong over the right, the evil over the good.”  “Modern Liberal policies occur in tandem.  Each effort on behalf of the lesser is met with an equal and opposite campaign against the better.”   “The Modern Liberal does not and cannot seek to better himself or society. Instead he must lower others and society to his level.”  Social justice becomes the opposite, the antithesis of justice, the antithesis of Christianity and Judaism.  Modern Liberals do not want justice.  Although truth matters, if you are a Modern Liberal, objectivity and truth are not desirable.

As the Modern Liberal entered the Rhetoric Industries of education, law, journalism, entertainment, and politics they carried with them Zinn’s core beliefs, that objectivity is impossible, that intellectual pursuits are wrong, that one must embrace “intellectualism”,defined as the use of one’s mind to conjure clever explanations for what is already believed. Thinking is deemed a hate crime.  Nothing is better than anything else.  The children of the 1960s became today’s Modern Liberals beginning in the 1970s and 1980s.   

Although those who work and produce something try to think objectively and believe that truth matters, those who do not work and do not produce anything believe objectivity and truth are not desirable. The single most important trait of main stream media reporting today is that the report must not be objective but must sound like it is objective by remaining neutral.  If you believe history must serve a social purpose, then you make your choices based upon that. The children of the 1960s became our teachers and professors in our colleges and universities and used their power to brainwash successive generations into believing objectivity is impossible, that thinking is a hate crime -- an act of bigotry and prejudice.  This is the reason Liberals hate Fox News, Sayet said.  They think Fox is evil.  Fox reports the news objectively and is far more accurate.  So when listeners get information from sources other than Fox News and something contrary happens, they are stunned.

Sayet told a fictional story, a report by the mainstream media reporting on a professional football game ending with an extremely lopsided score.  Instead of reporting objectively that the winning team was better and why it was better, the reporter tries to explain how the two teams were unable to perform equally well, suggesting the winning team must have cheated.  But the truth is that objectivity is important to professional athletes.  Professional athletes are overwhelmingly Conservative.  To perform their best, they must think objectively. The same goes for stunt men in Southern California, Sayet added jovially.  Since the 1960s, our brain-washed Rhetoric Industries professionals have projected what they were taught to believe in kindergarten, that all cultures are equal, that America is not more exceptional than other nations.

Obama was asked, “Do you believe in American exceptionalism?”  He answered yes but qualified his answer by saying America is exceptional just like every other nation believes it is exceptional. The truth belies Obama’s answer.  Given the fact the America is the most successful country, Obama has no choice but to believe that America gained its exceptionalism by injustice.  Obama as a Modern Liberal asks why one nation and one religion should succeed better than others. To Obama and to others in the Rhetoric Industries, great sustained success is proof positive that injustice is intentional and is part of an evil conspiracy. 

The New York Times writes articles that are morally and intellectually retarded to the level of a five-year old child being taught not to hit in kindergarten.  New York Times stories have backed thugs like Travon Martin and mass murderers like Saddam Hussein, ascribing to the lesser while concurrently ascribing to the lesser the positive qualities found in the better. But the kindergartener can only survive such ignorance and naivete because his parents provide for his every need.  Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden could only survive their ignorance and naivete because God provided such abundance.

Modern Liberalism is an entirely new ideology, post WWII to today.  Modern Liberalism is not what Liberals used to be, Sayet said.  Modern Liberalism is fully in control of today’s Democrat Party, evidenced by half of the Democrat Convention Delegates voting to remove God from the platform. But not everyone who votes Democrat is a Modern Liberal.  Some vote Democrat for self-serving reasons, not ideological ones – like the members of labor unions, government workers, those not working who are receiving government entitlements who fear loss of this income, those receiving Social Security benefits who fear any change will diminish their monthly income, etc.

Ending his presentation, Sayet said he looked forward to answering questions from the Forum audience.  He smiled broadly adding, “As a Conservative in the Bay Area, I’ve got no other place to go.”

Asked why so many Jewish Americans are Liberal, Sayet drew an analogy between three religions. To be a Christian, he said, you must believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And if you believe this, you are a Christian and you enjoy certain traditions and celebrations being a Christian. To be a Muslim, you must believe that Allah is God’s Messenger and you must follow the dictates of the Koran.  And if you believe this, you are a Muslim and you enjoy certain rights and rituals of being Muslim. But being a Jew is different than all other religions because you don’t have to believe in anything or study Judaism as do Orthodox Jews.  All you have to do is plop out of a Jewish woman.  Many of the “plopping Jews” have nothing Jewish about them.  If they attend a Synagogue, it may be because they need a membership in an affordable recreation center.    

Answering other questions, Sayet noted he has converted many, many Liberal Jews to Conservatism.  He noted that one can draw a straight line from a Reform Jew to an Orthodox Jew.  All believe in morality and objective truth.  Imploring the Forum audience to reach out to others, he recommended everyone find just one person to educate and this will double the number of Conservatives.

The things Modern Liberals hate are Fox News, conservative talk radio, and the blogosphere.  Bill Moyer he commented is not a Modern Liberal but simply a narcissist.  Asked how the media gets away with not being sued, Sayet said they don’t.  The New York Times has had to sell their building in order to pay the rent.  But the owner of the New York Times refuses to change because he inherited the paper and has plenty of money to live on.

Asserting that Democrats are wrong on just about every issue, as wrong as wrong can be, in 2007 before Barack Obama became known, Evan Sayet correctly defined the Modern Liberal as one who would side with evil over good, wrong over right, ugly over beautiful, lesser over greater, one who would embrace behavior that leads to failure over behavior that leads to success, who would write stories that embolden tyrants like Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat, and who would write despicable books like Jimmy Carter’s “Peace by Apartheid”. Sayet correctly predicted that the Modern Liberal would be one who would bow to the King of Saudi Arabia but not to the Queen of England, who would accept an anti-American propaganda book from a socialist dictator but unceremoniously return the bust of Winston Churchill to America’s friends in Great Britain.

Americans living in a land where poverty is what the kings once treasured – running water, indoor toilets, heated and cooled homes, automobiles, plenty of food, access to education, communication devices (cell phones and I-pads today), health care, and entertainment – the Modern Liberal can hardly prove suffering.  In fact, many Democrats are wealthy -- very, very, very wealthy.  The truth is that the real working person in America is the Republican, the opposite of what the media has portrayed.  The Modern Liberal projects an image of being victimized as they are taught they were born morally perfect but now suffer in “coalitions of groups that define themselves as victims of social and economic forces.”

In summary, Evan Sayet opened the doors to understanding why the True Believer from the 1960s at age thirty (30) became the Modern Liberal.  He then added that if the True Believer were to acknowledge the existence objectively of the authoritative, he would have to admit that better does exist, and this would destroy his utopian ideology and force this mindless foot soldier to admit that the moral and intellectual retardation of the Modern Liberal is not him.

The Forum’s audience thanked Evan Sayet with warm, standing applause.  Many in attendance stayed after the meeting to purchase his book.


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