"All that is necessary for evil to triumph
is that good people do nothing."
Edmund Burke
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The mission of The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley is to promote the principles of American liberty through education. As the recognized conservative non-partisan umbrella organization in the Bay Area, we are the place for conservatives from Silicon Valley and beyond to gather, share ideas and become empowered.

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June 3: Nonie Darwish, Founder, Arabs for Israel September 2: Mark Mix, President, National Right to Work
July 8: Trevor Loudon, The Enemies Within October 7: Pam Geller, Blogger and Commentator on Islam (Special Event)
August 5: Gun Owners of America, 2nd Amendment  
Where: IFES Portuguese Hall MAP
432 Stierlin Road
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Time: Doors open at 6:15 PM - Program at 7:00 PM

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Steve Forbes, August 2013

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The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley invites you to a Special Event featuring Sheriff Joe Arpaio - "America's Toughest Sheriff"

“Sheriff Joe Shares His Successful Strategies”

Tuesday May 6, 2014
7:00 PM
(Doors open @ 6:15)

You have all heard him on radio and TV, now come see him in person!

Dr. Burt Fulsom

You probably know him as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” a name given to him years ago by the media.  However, even before he became Sheriff in 1993, Joe Arpaio was one tough lawman.  After serving in the U.S. Army from 1950 to 1953, and as a Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, NV, police officer for almost five years, Arpaio went on to build a federal law enforcement career and a reputation for fighting crime and drug trafficking around the world.

As a federal narcotics agent, Arpaio established a stellar record by infiltrating drug organizations from Turkey to the Middle East, Mexico, and Central and South America, as well as cities around the U.S. His expertise and success led him to top management positions around the world with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He concluded his remarkable 32-year federal career as head of the DEA for Arizona.

In 1992, Arpaio successfully campaigned to become the Sheriff of Maricopa County.  Since then he has been elected to an unprecedented five 4-year terms.  During his tenure as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arpaio has consistently earned extraordinarily high public approval ratings.  With over 50 years experience in law enforcement, Arpaio knows what the public wants.  “The public is my boss,” he says, “so I serve the public.”  He has served them well by establishing several unique programs.

Of equal success and notoriety are his chain gangs, which contribute thousands of dollars of free labor to the community. The male chain gang, and the world's first-ever female and juvenile chain gangs, clean streets, paint over graffiti, and bury the indigent in the county cemetery.

As chief law enforcement officer for the county, Arpaio continues to reduce crime with hard-hitting enforcement methods. His deputies and detectives have solved several high-profile murder cases, including nine child murders. Arpaio is also a national leader in the enforcement of illegal immigration laws. 

On a personal note, Sheriff Arpaio and his wife Ava have been married for over 53 years and have two children.  Both reside in the Phoenix area.  The Arpaios have four grandchildren.  Arpaio looks forward to many more years as Sheriff of Maricopa County.


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