"All that is necessary for evil to triumph
is that good people do nothing."
Edmund Burke
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Education Forum: How do we improve education achievement

As we all know, California children score poorly on a variety of national and international tests.  Our future depends upon a well-educated workforce; so it is imperative that today, we as a nation, do what is necessary to ensure a workforce that can prosper in the technology-driven global economy.

On Tuesday, March 5, 2013, The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley will assemble a panel of four education experts who will explore ways on how to improve the quality of education in California.  The format for this discussion is as follows:

10 min. for per participant to offer their views on education reform.

5 min. per participant to rebut another participant’s views or expand on his or her earlier remarks

30 minutes for a Q & A with questions from members in the audience.

The panelists will look at education challenges from 4 different perspectives: 

Mr. Dean Vogel, President, CA Teachers Association. 

Mr. Vogel will offer the view of those in the “trenches”, or the establishment’s view.

Mr. Vogel, a life-long educator, strongly believes CA must engage educators more in policy decisions, and that by fighting to improve working conditions of educators the union can improve the learning conditions of all students. Today, he is facing the challenge of how to get the biggest bang out of the promised revenue increases from Prop. 30.


Professor Terry Moe, Stanford professor and Hoover Senior Fellow

Professor Moe will discuss he impact of technology on education today and in the future.

Prof. Moe has authored many books and articles; one of his more recent books where he is a co-author is “Liberating Learning: Technology, Politics, and the Future of America.”  He has appeared on radio and television shows.


Mr. Larry Sand, Founder/President of the California Teachers Empowerment Network (CTEN). 

Mr. Sand will discuss alternative solutions to traditional government run schools.

Mr. Sand is also a former teacher. According to its website, CTEN is a non-partisan non-political group that provides teachers and the general public with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues.


Gloria Romero, Founder and President of Democrats for Education Reform.

Ms. Romero will offer insight into the legislative/political environment under which various reform ideas and plans are debated. 

Ms. Romero made headlines several years ago as a state senator with the parents trigger law authored by her and signed into law by Gov. Schwarzenegger.  The trigger law allows a majority of parents in a failing school to vote on a method to restructure the school.


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